Do we have to make a reservation?

Yes, we require all customers to make reservations prior to arriving.

Can we pay when we arrive?

 We require reservation to be paid for at time of confirmation.

How much does it cost?

Tickets for our rooms are $25 per person, except Date Night which is $70 for the couple.

What happens if we are running late?

We will try our best to work with you but may need to shorten game play if your late arrival will affect other players games.

Are your rooms scary?

Some of our rooms are scary, please read room descriptions for more information.

Can I drop my kids off and pick them up later?

No, we require an adult in every group of players.

How can we make a reservation?

Click BOOK NOW and choose how many people and which room you'd like to play.

If we do not book all the tickets for a room will other people be in the room with us?

There is a chance that could happen, if you do not want that simply click PRIVATE EVENT option and a small additional fee will be added but the room will be for your group only.

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